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Think Ahead catches the attention of the American Press

Think Ahead is now getting international attention and has reached the American press: "Can veterinarians afford to risk serious injury working around horses? A British veterinarian is campaigning to change professional attitudes toward safety in clinics and on barn calls. Are veterinarians risk-takers? When it comes to the risks they face on the job each day, statistics show that vets are more likely to be injured that any other professional. It is the riskiest of all jobs, and the injuries most often come in the form of a horse hoof making contact with a vet’s head, limbs or body. Ouch. Why don’t vets wear helmets? That’s the question that British veterinarian Jill Butterworth, SEBC, PTC, BHSAI, BVetMed, MRCVS is asking. Her “Think Ahead” campaign is gaining attention, and starting conversations. A former riding instructor who went to vet school later in life, Butterworth said that she was surprised when she saw the risky situations veterinarians were in, without any protective gear on their side." You can read the full article by Fran Jurga and published in Equus magazine at:

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